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High Roost Ranch

128 Mount Adams Hwy. Glenwood, WA
Phone: 509-364-3312

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to High Roost Ranch. High Roost Ranch is a vegetable and meat farm/CSA located out of Glenwood, Washington. Chelsey and Casey run the farm. Their philosophy is simple, they aim to live and farm in a way that respects our ecosystem, helps us better understand the natural processes that sustain us and maintains the rural beauty of our community. They strongly believe that their livestock should live in a healthy and natural environment that allows them space to roam freely on pasture. They are also running a meat CSA. I was really impressed with their fantastic setup, philosophy, and their produce and meat. They had a wide range of produce (some veggies I’d never seen before), poultry (duck, chicken, eggs), and meat (lamb and pork). My husband, Kyle, the meat person in the family was so excited talking to Casey about their pork products. They really know what they’re doing up there. Casey sent us home with pork chops, pork loin chops, and ribs to try out. I was beyond impressed! Kyle smoked the ribs and I cooked the chops on the grill. The meat was perfectly fatty, really flavorful, and the cuts were fantastic.

For more info, contact them or visit their website.

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