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Andrew’s Pizza and Bakery

andrews pizza hood riverPIN
107 Oak Street, Hood River, OR
Phone: 541-386-1448

Andrew’s Pizza and Bakery is part of the Skylight Theater and Pub. You can grab a pint of good beer or glass of wine, a salad and a slice of pizza and hunker down in the theater to watch a movie. They often screen independent films here so it’s a great alternative to Hood River Cinemas. The theater is fun and aims to present films for “grown ups” as Hood River Cinemas (also owned by them) shows more films geared to younger audiences. They also have a restaurant area where you can order a pizza with your family. During the summer they have lots of big windows open, and it would be a great place to sit with your kids and people watch.

For more info, contact them or visit their website.

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