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Petite Provence

petite provence the dallesPIN
408 East 2nd St, The Dalles, OR
Phone: 541-506-0037

Petite Provence is a little gem in The Dalles. They bake up delicious breads, cakes, and pastries. I love the croissants and palmiers. From time to time we stop in for breakfast or lunch. The chef cooks up wonderful, simple but unique breakfasts like the Muerette Benedict: two farm-fresh poached eggs in a burgundy reduction placed atop a freshly baked croissant and then topped with caramelized onion, mushroom and a crispy bacon. Served up with a fresh cup of coffee, it’s really satisfying and lovely. Their french toast is delicious too. At lunch time, order up a sandwich served on one of their croissants. It’s definitely worth stopping at Petite Provence.

For more info, contact them or visit their website.

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