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Syncline Winery is a short drive from Hood River, and it is one of my favorite escapes. I love to escape there for two reasons: the setting is ideal, relaxing, and inviting; and their wines are unbelievable good. The wines at Syncline never cease to amazing and delight me. They are nuanced, simple, and beautifully crafted. I could easily, and often do, spend an afternoon with girlfriends doing a tasting, or sharing a bottle out on their patio. I’m not going to bother recommending one wine or another because I truly love them all.

Syncline Winery Lyle WashingtonPINSyncline Winery Lyle WashingtonPINSyncline Winery Lyle WashingtonPINSyncline Winery Lyle WashingtonPINSyncline Winery Lyle WashingtonPIN

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If you haven’t had the amazing ciders available at Rack and Cloth in Mosier, you are seriously missing out. I love a good, dry cider and Rack and Cloth is producing some amazingly bright, crisp, complex ciders. All their ciders are made in Mosier with their own apples, and organically sourced apples. Make a little trip out to Mosier, and enjoy a chilled, sparkling glass of Stony Pig (jonagold, winesap, wild crab apple, fermented in stainless steel), or Pomme Pomme ((jonagold, winesap, wild crab apple, oak aged)… while you’re there you may as well order a fabulous pizza, fresh salad, or small plate.

Rack and Cloth Cidery Mosier OregonPINRack and Cloth Cidery Mosier OregonPIN

Rack and Cloth Cidery Mosier OregonPIN


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A couple weekends back our great friends at Tumbleweed Farm, Andrea and Taylor, threw a party at their awesome farm. Folks were encouraged to bring a picnic, explore the farm, and come enjoy the beer and music provided. It had been on our calendar for weeks and I was so excited when the date for the party rolled around. Our kids had so much fun checking out the chickens and running wild with other kiddos, and we got to sit back on our blanket and listen to the Greenneck Daredevils, sip beer from Terminal Gravity and Everybody’s Brewing, and nibble at our simple picnic food (chicken salad with chives, sliced local peaches, and Kyle’s fresh-baked sourdough bread)! The party really embodied everything great about living in the Gorge: spectacular view, supportive community, great food and beer, families everywhere, and dance-worthy music.

Tumbleweed FarmPINTumbleweed FarmPINTumbleweed FarmPINTumbleweed FarmPINTumbleweed FarmPINTumbleweed FarmPIN

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Rob, owner of The Farm Stand in the Hood River Heights, handed me a tub of Calabra Stracciatella. I’d never heard of it before and he was beaming, promising me that I would love it. He recommended that I just try a bite of it straight the moment I got home, which is exactly what I did. The texture of this cheese is hard to describe, it’s creamy, chewy, salty, and rich. In short: it’s amazing. Stracciatella is essentially strands and strings of fresh mozzarella that’s suspended in delicious, thick cultured cream. I stuck to serving it alongside toasted home-made bread, I simply scooped some out onto a plate, drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil, and lots of flake salt and freshly ground pepper. It made a great mid-day snack, and also was wonderful served alongside larger plates like David Lebovitz’s Leeks with Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette!


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