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The Hood River Hops Fest is a really fun, outdoor beer festival in early October.  We look forward to this festival every year.  It’s a great oppurtunity to see friends, make friends, and get a little tipsy on some of the finest, hoppiest beers around.  There are lots of fun activities for kids, but keep in mind, they don’t allow kids into the tasting area.  This year we headed down with Kyle’s folks and took shifts hanging out with the babe.  There is lots of great food, music, and vendors. It’s usually pretty chilly so bundle up and come celbrate the hop harvest with a bunch of wonderful people.

Hood River Hops Festival BeerPINHood River Hops Festival BeerPINHood River Hops Festival BeerPINHood River Hops Festival BeerPIN

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This was my first year attending Gorge Grown‘s Feast on the Farm, a summer evening event celebrating, and benefitting local food.  Restaurants donate food, winereis and breweires donate drinks, people donate their time, all to put on this wonderful event.  By buying a ticket to Feast ont he Farm, you get a wonderful meal and you are supporting the food growers of the Gorge.  It’s a really great event.  With live music, places to sit, and good friends to share it with, this event is definitely worth attending.

This year’s event was held on the last real day of summer.  It was warm, festive, welcoming, and really fun.  I’m so glad we went!


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