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1. Roasted Butternut Squash // Gorgonzola is the perfect compliment to the sweet squash, the balsamic finish is delicious.
2. Steak Bruschetta // Perfect touch of heat, great flavor, Caribbean vibe.
3. Beef Slider // House pickled red onion and bread and butter pickles are great with the perfectly seasoned meat.
4. Crispy Pork // Amazing flavor. Salty, crispy pork is lovely with the slightly sweet polenta.
5. Pork Spare Ribs // The glaze is fantastic, wonderful flavors.
6. Bobotie // A traditional South African dish. Perfectly sweet and savory.
7. Shrimp and Roast Pork // Great Asian flavors, incredible broth.

Henni’s has updated their fantastic small plates menu! It’s a wonderful way to share dinner with friends. Order and share!

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Kyle has been hard at work over the past months getting educated, trained and prepared to get the Double Mountain bottling line set up and running. This is a huge step for Double Mountain Brewery! I’m so excited for them and so proud of all Kyle’s work and involvement in getting this going! I ran down to Double Mountain and shot this video of the very first bottling run! It’s amazing to see the IRA (my favorite beer) all bottled up.

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The bottles themselves are returnable and refillable. Love the effort to keep things green. Right now they’re for sale in the taproom.


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I love Nora’s Table for many reasons, one of which is that they make a really great burger. The burger is made from freshly ground Mountain Shadow chuck, topped with cheddar cheese, house-made pickles (they’re so good!), bacon aioli, and ketchup, and served on Rainbow’s buns. You can get the burger with delicious, perfectly crisp french fries or a salad. I always opt for the fries because they’re really good. Next time you have a burger craving, I highly recommend you go to Nora’s and try theirs. It’s rich, well-seasoned, amazingly flavorful, and incredibly satisfying.


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I know they just opened but I’m so impressed with pFriem Family Brewers menu! We went on Friday evening with a bunch of our friends and ordered quite a few plates to share. The Mac & Cheese with Gouda is amazing, I loved the Vegan Bowl, and the fondue. The mussels are yummy too. My favorite thing is the Steak Frites. I love a well cooked, well seasoned steak, and Lord knows I love french fries. The dish is totally European, perfectly seasoned and completely satisfying!

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