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Lunch at Pine Street Bakery

I recently enjoyed a lovely, late lunch at Pine Street Bakery with the owner and baker extraordinaire, Megan Davis. After a jealousy inducing tour of their kitchen (hello 9ft rotating oven!), Megan whipped up two of their sandwiches, a cold turkey and a hot panini turkey bacon. Both sandwiches are served on their great white bread with a goat cheese & cream cheese spread (yum!) and some of their house made apricot pepper jelly. While I really enjoyed both, the panini was my favorite as the goat and cream cheese spread was pure heaven warmed.
I love talking with local restaurant owners and learning about what drives them to get up early and work late. For Megan it’s all about creating community, buying produce from people she knows, teaching someone local to bake, and providing jobs. I’ll toast a Pine Street sandwich, pastry, or loaf of bread to that any day!
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