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Double Mountain’s Bottled Lulu Saison

Double Mountain’s Lulu Saison is freshly bottled. The beer, a unique blend of tart hibiscus, sweet pink peppercorns, and fragrant pink rose petals, was created by my husband, Kyle, to celebrate the birth of our daughter. Our sweet Lulu turns one in a couple of weeks, along with this fantastic saison. I’m pretty smitten with both the baby, and the beer. It’s really wonderful to see it bottled, with the feminine and lovely label giving a glimpse into the back-story of this slightly pink, slightly tart, saison.

The idea for this beer came up when I was still pregnant with Lulu. Kyle had made a beer, Little G, an ESB , for our firstborn daughter, and wanted to make something for Lulu. I said, “You should make a pink beer!”, which was already on his mind. I mentioned the roses (I’m always trying to get him to add flowers and strange ingredients to his brews), and he thought of the peppercorns and hibiscus. Over the course of a few weeks we made teas from those ingredients. It was fun to try the flavors individually and we were both surprised that the pink peppercorns, while providing a light heat, were primarily sweet. Kyle could see the beer coming together and decided to make a French-style saison; allowing the special yeast to bring all the flavors together in a 6.9% alcohol, pink hued beer.

As our girl turns one, it’s wonderful to look back on the last year and to see how much she’s grown, and it will be so fun to set a few of these beers aside for her; they are, aside from being a fabulous beer, a little bottle of a Dad’s love for his daughter.

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  • November 25, 2014 - 1:39 am

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