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My Dad and Stepmom offered to take the kids and I out for Happy Hour in the Gorge. We let the kids decide and they chose Henni’s Kitchen and Bar because they love the spaghetti and meatballs,

Henni's Kitchen and Bar White Salmon Dukkah

Dukkah at Henni’s Kitchen and Bar

If you’ve ever eaten at Henni’s Kitchen and Bar in White Salmon, you’ve had Christiaan’s Dukkah brought to your table along with cornmeal bread and a small container of olive

hennis kitchen and bar white salmon

Bobotie at Henni’s Kitchen

A couple weeks ago I stopped by Henni’s Kitchen and Bar in White Salmon, Washington to talk to Christiaan about his classic South African dish, Bobotie. Bobotie is a sweet, savory dish that, as

henni's cheeseburger white salmon

The Making of Henni’s Cheeseburger with Christiaan Erasmus

I’ve raved before in the past about the cheeseburger at Henni’s Kitchen and Bar in White Salmon. It’s a truly fantastic cheeseburger. Usually when we have dinner there, at least one

hennis kitchen bar white salmon dinner

Henni’s Family Style Wine Dinner

This past Saturday, Henni’s Kitchen and Bar hosted it’s first Family Style Wine Dinner with Rich Cushman from Viento Wines. The atmosphere was cozy and intimate, and the wines flowed

henni's kitchen and bar white salmon

Small Plates at Henni’s Kitchen and Bar

1. Roasted Butternut Squash // Gorgonzola is the perfect compliment to the sweet squash, the balsamic finish is delicious. 2. Steak Bruschetta // Perfect touch of heat, great flavor, Caribbean

henni's curry farm stand gorge

Market Find: Henni’s Curry

Henni’s Red Curry is spicy and flavorful. It’s the perfect addition to sautéed vegetables, shellfish, chicken, or rice. You can buy it from The Farm Stand where it’s delivered fresh

dinner at hennis white salmon

Dinner Date at Henni’s in White Salmon

Last night I decided to take my baby girl out for a special dinner date. Kyle was out of town and I have something really, really, really exciting to celebrate! I can’t tell you anything about

henni's kitchen and bar pig roast white salmon

Henni’s Kitchen’s Pig Roast in the Park

On Saturday Christiaan of Henni’s Kitchen and Bar White Salmon hosted a fantastic event to save the White Salmon pool. Just $5 got you a plate of great food prepared by Christaan and his team.

duck confit henni's dinner white salmon

Duck Leg Confit at Henni’s Kitchen and Bar

A few weeks ago I had the Duck Leg Confit from Henni’s Kitchen and Bar in White Salmon and that it was one of the best dishes I’d had in the Gorge. I was blown away by how balanced this

henni's kitchen white salmon curry

Curry at Henni’s

We went out to dinner for Kyle’s 30th birthday to Henni’s Kitchen and Bar in White Salmon.  It’s one of our favorite spots to go.  There curries are nohting short of amazing.