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Thanks for visiting Gorge in the Gorge.

Hello, we are Kacie and Kate, two food lovers in the community who run this site.

We both feel incredibly fortunate to call Hood River, Oregon – which is in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge – our home.
columbia gorge scenic photograph hood riverPINcolumbia gorge scenic photograph hood riverPIN
columbia gorge scenic photograph hood riverPIN
Kacie and Kate are both food lovers, in addition to being busy mothers, and always find time to enjoy a spectacular meal at a local restaurant, a glass of wine at a favorite winery, or a beer at one of the incredible breweries in the area.


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The definition of gorge is “eat a large amount greedily; fill oneself with food”. We are so fortunate here in the Columbia River Gorge to have so many wonderful opportunities to gorge ourselves on locally grown produce, locally made wine and beer, house-roasted coffee, and in local restaurants, caf├ęs, breweries, and at a growing fleet of food trucks.

The idea behind this site stemmed from our desire to support our local community’s hard working and dedicated chefs, farmers, livestock raisers, bartenders, bakers, winemakers, business owners, grocery stores and brewers. As well as to provide visitors with a guide that could help them have a great vacation in the Gorge, highlighted by wonderful dining experiences.

Use this site as a resource for everything related to good food, wine, and beer in the Columbia River Gorge. There are tips on where to eat, what to eat, where to shop, events to attend, what to serve for a party, what’s fresh at the farmer’s markets, and ways you can support the local food growers of the Gorge.

The restaurants and other resources that you find reviewed on this site are places that we have either patronized ourselves and have met our standards of quality and taste, or that have been enjoyed by our friends whose standards are similar to ours. We always try to emphasize the specific dishes, drinks, or elements of a place that we believe are the best they have to offer. We will not review or promote establishments that do not meet our standards. If you have a comment, praise or complaint to share about any of the places we’ve reviewed on this site, don’t hesitate to contact me. If the comment is positive and supportive in nature, we may chose to share it with the owners and other site visitors as a way of further promoting the business. If you have a complaint or concern, we will make sure that your feedback is forwarded to the appropriate business owner.

If you are a business owner here in the Gorge and you have questions please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

kacie@gorgeinthegorge.com and kate@gorgeinthegorge.com




  • April 25, 2015 - 3:29 pm

    Theresa Regnier - Hi Kacie,
    I just came across your website and feel like I ran into a friend from home! What a joy it is to read your blog, recipes and recommendations.

    My husband, Richard and I, just moved here from Colorado and bought the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. We’re busy updating the grounds and cabins. It doesn’t leave much time for socializing, yet finding your website really warmed my heart.

    It would be a delight to meet you sometime for a hike, wine tasting or whatever may work.

    Best wishes for a sunny day,
    Theresa RegnierReplyCancel

    • May 6, 2015 - 3:33 pm

      kacieblogs@gmail.com - Theresa,
      Thank you so much for the lovely note! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! What a fun project you’re taking on! I’d love to meet you. Send me an email any time!


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