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I love stopping in at Boda’s Kitchen in downtown Hood River. This little gourmet deli boasts fantastic day-to-day menus, frozen take-home meals, a great happy hour, wonderful cheeses and meats along with some pretty fabulous Pacific Northwest wines, beers, and ciders. Every time I visit, I want to get one of everything!

Matt and Sirtoa are fellow foodies who opened Boda’s Kitchen almost three years ago. Their passion about great food and supporting Pacific Northwest companies is clear in their in-person energy and on their shelves.

I called Matt and Sirota to see if I could come down and have them walk me through some of their very favorite things. Anything featured in this post would make an excellent addition to your Christmas spread, as well as a great stocking stuffer for a food lover you know. Sirota also puts together amazing little pre-made gift baskets, or you can put one together yourself, or you can also call and have her make a one that’s tailored specifically to your (or your loved one’s) tastes. They also offer holiday catering and they’re making their “famous” duck fat tamales for Christmas. (Contact them for more info on catering and gift baskets!)

Here are some of their most intriguing and delicious items…

This Pinecone Bud Syrup was so good! It was unlike anything I have every had. Sirota was raving about and decided we had to open a bottle. Then she decided we had to try it with their Triple Cream Brie. All of these turned out to be great decisions.

These cans of Spanish tuna sounded absolutely amazing. I’ve watched shows and read about how well the Spanish can their fish and it’s the best in the world. I can’t wait to try it! Especially the one in the red box which is tuna belly! How amazing does that sound?

Matt was really excited about his Hot Buttered Rum Mix. He said he prefers it with whiskey, rather than rum, which is something I can definitely get behind since I love whiskey. Yet another thing I can’t wait to try!

Sirota pointed out these Sweety Drop peppers. You can see in the jar that they are shaped like tiny tear drops. They taste just like peppadews but are much more delicate and with a little less heat. They would be amazing paired with some of Boda’s specialty cheeses…

…as would these Piparras. A Spanish style pickled pepper similar to pepperoncini peppers but crunchier and brighter.

This Fleur de Sel caught my eye the minute I walked in. I’m a complete sucker for finishing salts!

I love the Toschi Black Cherries in syrup. They are my go to for Old Fashioned Cocktails. Last year for Christmas I bought my husband a giant jar of them and we just finished them up!

Hot Cakes in Ballard, WA. Has been on my “list” for a while, and so has their Rye Whiskey Caramel Sauce! How amazing does that sound?

I can totally get behind these local dessert wines from Phelps Creek Vineyards and Garnier Vineyards.

I have been reading a lot about salt rocks and salt rock cooking lately but I had no idea you could microplane it! My microplane gets heavy use in the kitchen year round so I love any new way to utilize it!

Finally, I was pretty darn impressed with their wonderful selection of cheeses and meats, I especially loved the Challerhocker raw cow’s milk cheese… and I love anything from Olympic Provisions or Chop. And you all know how much I love locally produced beer! All of the beer sold at Boda’s (an impressive collection) is from Oregon, or it’s local.

I know Christmas is just over a week away, but if you’re in the market (no pun intended) for some food related gifts, I highly recommend that you stop in at Boda’s. And if not for Christmas, maybe Valentine’s Day?! Nothing says love like food… in my opinion.

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  • December 15, 2014 - 8:07 pm

    Rebeka - Boda’s is so fantastic. I love getting gifts from there. Their wine collection is really well curated too.ReplyCancel

I love spending a sunny afternoon up at AniChe Cellars Winery in Underwood, Washington. A girlfriend and I recently headed up to the winery to enjoy a tasting. Their wines are great and they have a cozy fire pit outside so you can enjoy the fresh air and amazing view. It’s one of my favorite local wineries. It’s supposed to be a little sunny this weekend so I highly recommend that you head up for a tasting or a glass of your favorite wine. It’s so relaxing and it feels like a little adventure to head up into Underwood. Check out their website for winter hours and directions!

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Well, it’s officially winter! I zipped out to run a few errands around town this morning before the snow started falling and the stores are stocked with cough syrup and space heaters, and at the drug store they were playing Christmas music!. This fall really sped by. It’s amazing how one week you can be picking out pumpkins and Halloween costumes, and the next you’re watching snow fall. We recently went up and spent a chilly day at Draper Girls picking apples which we used for cobblers and pies. We stashed a few cobblers in the freezer… maybe I’ll have to pop one in the oven tonight!

These photos sure look summery when I take a moment to look outside! Hope you’re all staying cozy and warm and drinking hot toddys!

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A couple weeks ago, the ladies over at Mid Columbia Economic Development District and the Gorge Cidermasters invited me to join in Gorge Cider Camp. Cider Camp was set up as a three day tour for media and industry folks to get a great introduction to the Hood River Valley and Mosier orchards, cider productions, and tasting rooms. I wasn’t able to join in for all the events, in fact I was only able to attend one. Thankfully the one I was able to make it to was hosted out in Mosier and Rack and Cloth Cidery, Pamona’s Branch Farm, and Rack and Cloth Mercantile. I love everything that Silas and Kristina are doing out at their farm so I jumped at the chance to tour their farm (it’s been a year and half since I last visited) and enjoy some fabulous pizza at their mercantile. Here are some photos I took during the tour of their farm and cidery. Silas showed us around and even let us press some cider. The whole afternoon felt very autumnal. If you haven’t already, head out to their mercantile in downtown Mosier and enjoy some of the wonderful things they have to offer.

Gorge Cider Camp Hood River

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Have you all been out to Silas and Kristina’s Rack and Cloth Mercantile in Mosier? It’s one of my new favorite places. The little café-style restaurant is located right in downtown Mosier, Oregon. We recently stopped in for a light lunch, some of Silas and Kristina’s fantastic cider, and to soak up some sun on their patio. Here are a few photos I snapped when we were there. I can’t wait to go back for more, a visit is a pretty perfect way to spend an afternoon or weekend. They are currently open Thursday-Sunday from 4pm to close and also host the Mosier Farmers’ Market in their lot! Hope to see you all there.

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