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Well, it’s officially winter! I zipped out to run a few errands around town this morning before the snow started falling and the stores are stocked with cough syrup and space heaters, and at the drug store they were playing Christmas music!. This fall really sped by. It’s amazing how one week you can be picking out pumpkins and Halloween costumes, and the next you’re watching snow fall. We recently went up and spent a chilly day at Draper Girls picking apples which we used for cobblers and pies. We stashed a few cobblers in the freezer… maybe I’ll have to pop one in the oven tonight!

These photos sure look summery when I take a moment to look outside! Hope you’re all staying cozy and warm and drinking hot toddys!

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A couple weeks ago, the ladies over at Mid Columbia Economic Development District and the Gorge Cidermasters invited me to join in Gorge Cider Camp. Cider Camp was set up as a three day tour for media and industry folks to get a great introduction to the Hood River Valley and Mosier orchards, cider productions, and tasting rooms. I wasn’t able to join in for all the events, in fact I was only able to attend one. Thankfully the one I was able to make it to was hosted out in Mosier and Rack and Cloth Cidery, Pamona’s Branch Farm, and Rack and Cloth Mercantile. I love everything that Silas and Kristina are doing out at their farm so I jumped at the chance to tour their farm (it’s been a year and half since I last visited) and enjoy some fabulous pizza at their mercantile. Here are some photos I took during the tour of their farm and cidery. Silas showed us around and even let us press some cider. The whole afternoon felt very autumnal. If you haven’t already, head out to their mercantile in downtown Mosier and enjoy some of the wonderful things they have to offer.

Gorge Cider Camp Hood River

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Have you all been out to Silas and Kristina’s Rack and Cloth Mercantile in Mosier? It’s one of my new favorite places. The little café-style restaurant is located right in downtown Mosier, Oregon. We recently stopped in for a light lunch, some of Silas and Kristina’s fantastic cider, and to soak up some sun on their patio. Here are a few photos I snapped when we were there. I can’t wait to go back for more, a visit is a pretty perfect way to spend an afternoon or weekend. They are currently open Thursday-Sunday from 4pm to close and also host the Mosier Farmers’ Market in their lot! Hope to see you all there.

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I don’t know anyone who’s been to Mike’s Ice Cream that hasn’t walked away with a big smile on their face. Whether you are a Columbia Gorge local and get to frequent Mike’s Ice Cream in the warm months, or if you are visiting from out of town and only get to go once per season, Mike’s Ice Cream is a favorite. We love taking the kids there in the long summery evenings, or after library storytime… or, honestly, anytime. My daughter loves the Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate and the strawberry, my husband usually opts for a combination of chocolate and something with a coffee base. I order my scoop depending on my mood but if they have coconut I always get that! Mike’s closes up it’s doors at the end of October so there’s still plenty of time to decide on your favorite flavor!

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  • August 23, 2014 - 2:11 am

    Jeff Burrows - We always make a special stop for Mike’s ice cream whenever we are passing through Hood River. As an old windsurfer, I feel a special affinity as Mike was something of a windsurfing icon in his day! Hypertech Rules forever!
    Recently, we have enjoyed picking up the EP of the band from some of the staff scooping ice cream. It’s a special place!ReplyCancel

  • September 11, 2014 - 8:49 pm

    Alfonso - Love love love the pics! Can you purchase a pint of Strawberry and save it for later pick up? :)ReplyCancel

    • September 17, 2014 - 8:51 pm

      kacieblogs@gmail.com - DEFINITELY. ;) Or you should just come down before the end of Oct and visit!ReplyCancel

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Garnier Vineyards in Mosier. This winery is tucked up, just across the street from Idiot’s Grace in Mosier. Todd, who runs the tasting room, invited me up to try their wines and get a closer look at their vines and property. Garnier Vineyards property sweeps an impressive 300+ acres, and ranges from grapes grown up on the dry hillside to the cooler waterfront. This space and variation allows for them to create a variety of bold, distinct their wines from their own grapes. There are plans for an expanded tasting room and deck, but for the moment this humble tasting room sits in the midst of a pretty grand view. There is small deck with a view, a cool tasting room, and a big lawn where you can enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. The tasting room is currently only open April-August so get in while you can… If you head out this weekend, I’d recommend a refreshing Rosé!

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